Easy and Effective Virtual Mediations

Virtual Mediations Best Practices (PDF)

Given the recent and fast-moving developments with respect to COVID-19, we have pivoted to easy and effective online virtual mediations utilizing Zoom, similar to what we were advocating for in the past. Here are a couple of links to articles I wrote about the effective use of this technology 20 years ago.


Online Mediation Revisited

Before bandwidth allowed video conferencing, there was a vision of online mediation through “asynchronous” communication, not occurring at the same time, in the form of email, website, chat or instant message. READ MORE


Mediating In Cyberspace

The open frontier space of the Internet provided familiar tools for checking websites and sending colleagues messages; however they were about to be used in a much different way … to mediate electronically. READ MORE


The primary difference between the need to utilize this technology now as opposed to 20 years ago is less about the pandemic and more about internet bandwidth. Now we have enough bandwidth to permit synchronous video communication in which data can be transmitted in a steady stream instead of intermittently. In the past, data was transmitted in an asynchronous way primarily through email. The revolution in bandwidth and the stay at home orders has created the perfect storm for virtual mediation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic order we have successfully handled most cases via Zoom, the simple and elegant online videoconferencing host. Zoom permits us to organize the case very similar to an in-person mediation. From confidentiality to private breakout rooms, Zoom is set up to create the same secure experience while allowing it to happen virtually and in a steady stream. Every case begins in separate breakout rooms where you and your client can talk privately without interruption. Your team can participate from wherever they are without ever having to leave their homes or offices. I will join you from just as I would do if you were sitting in a separate conference room in my office.