Settlement Matters (Series)

Periodic columns published about strategies and techniques in negotiations that occur in litigated cases:
The evolution of hunters and gatherers (PDF)

A Conversation on the Challenges of Mediation Practice (PDF)

The Negotiation Campaign  (PDF)

What movie do you want to make? (PDF)

The argument as a persuasive tool in negotiation (PDF)

The soft touch: The village elder (PDF)

Guitar logic in mediation: Cowboy chords vs. jazz (PDF)

The transactional mediation approach: dealing for dollars (PDF)

Negotiating the reverse auction in class-action cases (PDF)

“Take this!” (PDF)

Why litigators become less intelligent in group-mediation settings (PDF)

The reptilian need for closure (PDF)

Mediation in the woodshed (PDF)

The crystal ball of mediation: Predicting success at trial (PDF)

The Diminishing Shadow Of The Courthouse (PDF)

Setting The Anchor (PDF)

Using A Focus Group When Your Case Gets Locked Up (PDF)

The Windup Before The Pitch (PDF)

Try A Workaround (PDF)

“Reverse Engineering” The Settlement Of A Punch Press Case (PDF)

A Touch of Grey (PDF)

Saving Face: Lessons From Google’s Tiff With China (PDF)

What Tribe Are You In? (PDF)

The Electronic Curtain: Mediating Through E-mail (PDF)

Checking – And Changing – The Status Of The Players (PDF)

Deception In Mediation (PDF)

How To Price The File (PDF)

Speak Their Language (PDF)

When Your Client Is Out Of Control (PDF)

How To Settle A Multi-Party Case Where The Defendants Are Fighting With Each Other Over Liability And Coverage (PDF)

Dealing With Lack Of Authority (PDF)

Can A “Take No Prisoners” Mediator Help You Maximize Your Recovery? (PDF)

What To Do When The Settlement Numbers You Put On The Case Are Miles Away From The Defense Perspective (PDF)

Using The Memorandum Of Understanding As A Draft Settlement Agreement To Streamline Settlement (PDF)

Setting The Stage Of Negotiation (PDF)

Dealing With The “Gap” In Negotiations (PDF)

 Use A Ballot To Settle Multiple Claims At The Same Time (PDF)

Don’t Be The Terminator (PDF)

The Elephant In The Room (PDF)

The OODA Loop (PDF)

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